Company Profile

Myanmar Human Capital Solutions Co., Ltd was founded during the mid-2013 with a hope to contribute and be part of the transformations in the country. We started with business partners and business consultants from Japan and United States of America. After that we continue to hire more expatriates from the Philippines & India as well. Currently, the company majorly is run by our local professionals who have been well-trained and developed to serve well for the roles that they are taking.

Our experts are specialized to serve clients from different industries and different part of the world who are coming to Myanmar to take part in the transformation of the country. We have been making sure that our database pool and our reach not only limits to the local people but also the repatriates and expatriates to ensure that the requirements of the clients has been well-met.

Myanmar Human Capital Solutions will always continue to improve our performance and service quality to ensure that our clients are able to receive world class solutions and incredible talents helping build their future.