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World Class Solutions in Myanmar.

We’ve all heard about the current human resource challenges in Myanmar. Indeed, finding the right talent alone can be an immense undertaking causing anxiety for local and foreign companies alike. Yet, investing in the wrong people can have a negative impact on your business. Taking too long to get the right people in place can prolong your start-up phase. You want to meet critical deadlines and keep that first mover advantage. Time is money. Choosing less capable staff impacts quality. This, in turn, impacts reputation. The ripple effect of having poorly placed people cannot be underestimated. The challenges of working in Myanmar alone underscore the point that the right people are your most important asset!

We are the right partner.

After years of isolation, Myanmar is opening up to the world. Communication networks have only penetrated a small portion of the country. The media and marketing landscape still lacks maturity.

It is a complex environment, where local capacity and training needs cannot be described with a broad-brush stroke. Local professionals may be technically proficient but lack exposure to international business practices. On the other hand, many young people in urban areas have exposure to the world, but lack sufficient technical education and experience. In general, investments in education in the last few decades, in particular, at the tertiary level, have lagged far behind other countries. This scenario drove many Myanmar citizens abroad to study and work. This means that the right staff for your company might not be in Yangon. He or she is just as likely to be in Mandalay as Manchester.

Recruitment strategies in Myanmar are different.

Any recruitment strategy must incorporate a variety of ideas and creative solutions. We walk our clients through these approaches depending on the sector and develop a plan that may incorporate a variety of media, marketing or networking strategies. We work closely with candidates to support their questions and needs, including coaching, training and resume support. Unlike other recruiters in Myanmar, we treat our candidates like customers. This is because we like to attract great people so you can then hire the best.

We understanding the nuances of Myanmar’s work-life and our consultants have a range of experiences in both international and Myanmar work environments as agency leaders and human resource professionals. In addition to executive recruitment, we provide consulting services to support internal transformation programs, organizational restructuring and human resources systems. This allows you to focus on your core strengths without eating up your organization’s time and energy.

We know Myanmar.

While Myanmar is following the development path of many countries before it, its starting point is quite distinct. The challenges are unique. We see them as opportunities and openings to help our clients find unique solutions and stand apart from competitors.

This is good for your bottom line, and also good for Myanmar. In short, we want to grow together with your business and build a long term relationship based on the premise that the best staff and strong human resources’ functions are the most critical investments to achieve success.