Assistant General Manager (SME Banking)

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15 Mar 2019



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  • Responsible for effectively managing business development and sales operations for SME Banking and Business Alliance by developing the sales strategy and identifying, originating and pursuing new business opportunities to enable achievement of customer acquisition, market share, revenue and profit margins.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining healthy relationships with a network of key clients, championing and driving the implementation of sales and customer care initiatives to ensure the delivery of exceptional client service.
  • Responsible for supporting the bank’s strategies and initiatives to provide an effective and engaging digital customer on-boarding experience, expand the agent and merchant networks, and drive the usage of mobile and digital applications, in order to achieve economic and social development in Myanmar through nationwide financial inclusion
  • Building up and submitting proper strategies and tactics for SME VC by knowing country’s economic and government policies and procedures that has changing from time to time.
  • Setting up prioritized Industries/Sectors, Regions/States for this financial year.
  • Preparing Industry/Sector Appetite Statement for prioritized Industries/Sectors.
  • Calculating Market Growth Rate based on Macro Economic Indicators to be set up Target Segment Growth Rate (# of Customers).
  • Preparing Segment Position Strategy based on Micro Competitive Landscape.
  • Advising proper new product and services based on country’s economic development and market condition.
  • Advising appropriate pricing by preparing Product Bundle for each industry and sub segment.
  • Via performing Events and Marketing Lead Generation, submitting prosperous customers list for SMEVC continuously.
  • Linking and networking with local and international organization to get Technical and Financial Assistance.
  • Contacting and cooperating with government offices that related with SME Business.
  • Proposing implementation and execution process based on set up Strategies and Tactics.
  • Preparing Holistic Marketing Plan based on set up Strategies and Tactics.
  • Recommending Cross Sell/ Up Sell Opportunities by calculating Data getting from Business Intelligence.
  • Implementing to meet the target to carry out the periodic instructions, memo, disciplines and responsibilities set by Management.
  • Monthly competitive landscape update Newsletter publication

  • Possess a bachelor degree in minimum (Degree in Economics/Computer Science/Engineering preferred)
  • Proficient in English language
  • Have strong business acumen and keen in critical thinking
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Willing to work overtime, when needed, to complete the jobs in time and in good results.
  • At least of banking and finance experience