Head of Procurement - Finance Function

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24 Sep 2019



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  • Lead the comprehensive development and effective implementation of policies and procedures to govern the procurement process for all goods and services across all Value Centers and Functions;
  • Lead the development of relevant policies and processes and provides all necessary support to the VCGMs and Function Heads;
  • Participate in Payment Processing activities' digitalization, source for digitalization of Procurement;
  • Facilitate and drive company's strategy of achieving nationwide financial inclusion,
  • Ensures that purchase orders and material requests are efficiently processed and urgent order for out-of-stock items are acted on and processed immediately to minimize business risk;
  • Assesses all risk management activities and compliance requirements related to the procurement of goods and services;
  • Assesses alternative sources of goods/services procurement with regard to cost, quality, time-to-service and credit facilities in order to ensure the delivery of cost-effective, value-adding procurement activities;
  • Provides full support to all Value Centre/Function at company in ensuring the smooth executions of delivery from external vendors by building and maintaining strategic relationship with them,
  • Conducts due diligence for new contractors and suppliers according to the defined pre-qualification criteria, and ensures regular updating of and adherence to the list of approved contractors and suppliers that comply with company's policies and procedures;
  • Supervises the preparation of required documents to ensure that satisfactory conditions are built into purchase contracts, in coordination with the Legal and Compliance Function;
  • Direct, manage and monitor negotiations with suppliers of major services and critical contracts prices, credit terms and other conditions of the agreement with the necessary Value Center/Function to optimize cost and ensure quality of delivery;
  • Monitor and evaluate the current status, performance, financial position and other contractual agreements of registered contractors/suppliers to ensure procurement of goods/services in line with approved delivery dates;
  • Ensure the process with contractors and suppliers are smoothened till payment is made, with regular follow-up/guidance and support to Payment Processing team,
  • Define goals and key performance indicator for each member of the team and ensures effective implementation of the bank's performance management process, and
  • Develop talent within the team by coaching to achieve the defined goals.

  • Bachelor Degree preferably in Supply Chain Management with professional qualification
  • Must have 10-year experience in logistics, supply chain management, operations management and warehousing and commercial role
  • At least 5 years of working experience in senior management with strong leadership skills.
  • Highly proficient Microsoft office user especially in Excel, Word, Power Point,
  • Accounting Qualification