GM (Professional Services)

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1 Oct 2019



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The role holder is accountable for setting strategic goals and business plan for company's Professional Services to achieve desirable financial performance and to drive continuous growth of economic profit, profit & loss. This is achieved by setting clear directions to develop value-creating businesses, expanding existing network as well as ensuring efficient and exceptional delivery of services with application of new digital tools/ technologies. The role holder is also responsible for maintaining trustful and engaging customer relationship and building brand awareness that is consistent with overall Group’s strategy. 

Business and strategy planning

  • Defines overall strategy and business plan to achieve financial performance, increase customer loyalty and gain market share in the region
  • Sets overall targets and designs key performance indicators (KPIs) in terms of productivity, profitability growth, and customer acquisition for the territories, in line with overall Group’s strategy 
  • Assesses market opportunities in offering new services and identifies go-to market strategy to expand business for existing and new territory 
  • Monitors overall market and competitor trends as well as considers best-practice examples in similar industry to continuously professionalize services offerings in the territory
  • Builds branding that supports overall strategy and deepens customer awareness of Professional Services within the country

Customer service

  • Develops service strategies and service quality targets to enhance positive customer experience and ensure delivery of exceptional customer service
  • Monitors customer satisfaction scores and identifies areas of improvement to deepen existing customer relationship and create customer loyalty

Regular operations planning and supervision

  • Define minimum quality standards for the operations and infrastructure to build an efficient and well-functioned professional services business 
  • Oversees daily business operations and evaluates the business performance regularly with the support of Regional Deputy GM and Regional Business Manager to ensure achievement of targets
  • Develops digital state of mind within the business through adopting digital tools and shaping the ways of working to be more efficient


  • Support recruitment process for Deputy GMs and other roles as required


  • Manages all communication with external parties including regulators, media and investors to further enhance its image and grow its business
  • Develop high-level guidance governing the business to promote delivery of high-quality and cost-efficient services

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, finance or related discipline
  • Entrepreneurial and driven to achieve desired outcomes 
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Ability to manage time, balance multiple tasks and constantly work with changing priorities
  • Direct experience in managing similar business, ideally in multiple regions within Myanmar
  • Demonstrate past track record of driving consensus, decisions, and results through influencing different stakeholders
  • Deep understanding of technical/ digital development and able to relate to them in business context
  • Able to travel 50 – 80% of time 
  • Proficient in English