Merchant Engagement Specialist/ Merchant Care Specialist (Team Head)

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Date Posted:

30 Oct 2019



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  • Internal partnership with the Business Development team and the Merchant Care Specialist team to help bridge customers to merchants in the selected business segmentation.
  • A challenging role which require innovative thinking, strong interpersonal skills and excellent execution abilities.
  • Responsibilities to develop or participate in the development of the required programs and initiatives.
  • The individual needs to have both outstanding staff management skills and the innate ability to build positive relationship and alliances.
  • Merchant program development and management.
  • Work with marketing to effect communication of the program and initiatives.
  • Develop segmentation and engagement strategies to create win-win outcomes for our customers, the bank and the merchants.

  • Possess a bachelor degree (Degree in Banking/ Business Administration/ Marketing)
  • Proficient in English Language
  • Banking Experience/ Customer Service background shall be an advantage.
  • Strong organization and influential skills.
  • Strong Teamwork and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Skilled in oratory and presentation
  • Willing to work overtime, when needed, to complete the jobs in time and in good results