Director of Customer Service

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8 Aug 2017



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  • The Director of Customer Service is responsible for the set-up and implementation of Customer Service Programs throughout the organization and in achieving best in class Customer Relations. It includes managing the Customer Care teams, i.e. Customer Care Centre, Customer Management, Credit Control & Risk Management, Quality, Operations and Performance management. Customer Service Director will also be responsible for the development of new customer relation programs etc.
  • Enable the achievement of business and customer care objectives by developing a customer service vision, mission and strategy and by leading Customer Relations, ensuring efficient and effective deployment of people, means and systems within agreed budgets and in line withcorporate vision, mission and strategy, brand and people values. In so doing, to contribute to the profitability and expansion of the company.
  • Define Customer Care strategies, business plan and budget and measures key performance and quality indicators of the department
  • Manage a continuous control of the Customer Relations Procedures, to deliver customer satisfaction.
  • Contribute to development and introduction of corporate vision, mission, strategy, objectives and action plans, with specific regard to customer relations and in co-operation with Team members, inter alia by; 
  • Manage Customer Care department, inter alia by:
    • Clarifying and translating the corporate vision, strategy and targets in a Customer Care vision, mission, strategy and action plan for and with the Department Management Team.
    • Ensuring effective and efficient organisational structure and process management, allocating responsibilities, resources and personnel; identifying business drivers and performance indicators.
  • To coach and develop Customer Relationship Management Team to improve sales and customer satisfaction, inter alia by:
  • To report to and advise CCO and CEO, inter alia by :Reporting and advising on customer operations status; highlighting trends, KPI’s/KQI’s and reports on Quality performance and general areas of interest and concern.
  • Implementing certain aspects of customer care, inter alia;(Negotiating contracts, Developing and implementing synergies within the departments.)
  • To represent the company brand and people values internally and externally in PR initiatives.

  • Excellent skills in the management of a Customer Relations Organization and a minimum of 5 years’ experiences in the telecommunication field, preferably 4G LTE. Assure the implementation, the functioning & the continuous control of the Customer Care Procedures,
  • Loyalty Programs and Call Centre Management to achieve superior Customer Experience
  • Experience as a member of a senior management team of a corporation or similar position
  • Master or Higher degree in Business Administration/Management or equivalent
  • At least 7 years in this field of Customer Services part of which four years should be in the Telecommunication Sector
  • High level of knowledge of call center and digital customer care operations; 
  • High level of knowledge of call center and digital customer care technologies;
  • Strong vendor management skills
  • Strong negotiation skills