Project Manager (EE)

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10 Jul 2020



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Communication & Working Relationships

  • Report to CEO, CE 
  • Internal:   Engineers, Survey team, Quality Control team and Machinery team.
  • External: Clients, Related business partners Such as consultant, Technician, Regional Government Authorized person.  

Role & Responsibilities

  • Overall manage to local team members by effectively.  
  • Ensure responsibility for day to day operation.
  • Responsibility that regularly preparing the project progress report.
  • Responsibility ensures for project completion is as per specifications and time schedule.
  • Prepare project daily schedule and guidelines to local team members. 
  • Manage and monitoring schedule of machinery requirement.
  • Manage and monitoring for construction raw materials and other related materials as per schedule.
  • Responsibility that continuous ahead project progress.
  • Investigate damage, accidents, or delays at construction sites, to ensure that proper procedures are being carried out.
  • Prepare preventive action for operation and risk management. 
  • Ensure responsible to team members that comply and practice of company code of conduct, business ethic, rule and regulations.
  • Provide to subordinate that to working collaboratively with administration staff, purchasers and other related staff. Liaising with clients, and relevant authorities.
  • Effectively technical instruction to local team members as is require. 
  • Attend the project meeting and presentation to clients. 
  • Effectively manage for local team members to participate the internal site meeting. 
  • To control the wastage of construction materials, fuel and work done of machineries.
  • To maintain the heavy machineries under the supervision of mechanical engineers.
  • To check the ground balance of road construction material and inform to PM.
  • To supervise the store manager to make proper receipt and issue to enter the ledger.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Civil ME/BE/B.Tech
  • At least (5) years experiences in related position
  • At least (10) to (15) years and above experiences in infrastructure projects and roads construction operation management with strong commitment.
  • Must have the registered as a PE (or) RSE 
  • Must have experiences in all types of roads construction.

Preferred Skills

  • Good communications skills (oral and written), to be have ability to build relationships with clients. 
  • Outstanding team player and leadership skills. 
  • Excellent projects management skills and abilities to handle diverse tasks.
  • Must to have the knowledge of the contractual claim, able to project plan, manage the local team and manpower, equipment and materials, able to anticipate and resolve the technical issues. 
  • Able to plan for the analysis and preventive action of operation risk management.  
  • Experience with infrastructure Projects and roads and bridges construction.
  • Able to work at project location***

If you are interested, please share your detail CV to [email protected]

Any Enquiries - 09 445 460 438