Sales Planning Manager

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Date Posted:

3 Aug 2020



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Assortment /Merchandising Management:

In conjunction with the Space Management Coordinator;

  • Organize reports, create schedule, and manage category assortment review process; how often categories should be reviewed and when
  • Support buyers to evaluate category and item performance. Advise on slow/non-moving items

Promotion Management:

In conjunction with the Head of Marketing and the entire buying and merchandising team:

  • Create yearly, monthly, weekly, and new store advertising/marketing plans including but not limited to Mailers, Facebook, e-Commerce.
  • Oversee the schedule to ensure timely and accurate data
  • Review the information submitted by the buying team to ensure:
  • Appropriately creative
  • Matches the plans/objectives of the promotion
  • Matches the Company Brand
  • Overall creation and communication of OSD plans, Hot Spots, and cashier counters
  • Organize outdoor sales and other special promotions as required

Import Products

In conjunction with the Head of Buying and Merchandising, Import Supervisor, and Head of Marketing:

  • Act as “Brand Manager” to create and execute Marketing Plans for all channels of communication
  • Communicate and coordinate with Marketing and Operations
  • Manage a marketing fund calculated as a % of the purchase price of the import/exclusives
  • Works closely with the CEO, Head of Buying and Merchandising, Head of Marketing, and Head of Operations to:
  • Create and manage overall promotion planning and schedules for all marketing channels
  • Ensure that all submissions by the buying team are appropriately creative, match the goals of the promotion, fit Company brand
  • Organizes, schedules, and manages Category review process
  • Evaluates category and item performance

  • Any Bachelor Degree
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Good Communication