Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst

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Date Posted:

27 Aug 2020



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  • Design and drive the KPI’s that are most important to decision makers.
  • Support the strategic integration of various streams of data along with IT organization.
  • Automation and digitization of information dashboards.
  • Develop KPI dashboards for leadership team use
  • Delivering high-quality reporting and insights through automation, insight and challenge to business areas.
  • Designing and managing underlying data sources (data infra.) to allow quick and efficient data extracts to support analysis
  • Participate in the development of strategies, operating models, roadmaps and business cases for Analytics and BI solutions
  • Develop, track, and enforce consistent data definitions and assumptions across KPI metrics and reporting
  • Advise in the usage, interpretation, and automation of data to various business partners including but not limited to recommended tools and software
  • Develop and implement strategies to support ongoing data management needs, such as governance, technology shifts, and regulatory compliance changes
  • Collaborate with cross-functional partners in product, engineering, operations, finance, and marketing to help develop data-informed business strategies and roadmaps
  • Hire, train, and supervise BI team and ensure that team meets the reporting and analytical needs of the business users
  • Supporting development of analytics roadmap.
  • Interaction with customers and business stakeholders to understand business requirements and identify data analytics driven business opportunities
  • Participate in the full lifecycle of an analytics or BI project: from gathering and understanding the requirements to creating the functional design, architecting the solution, supervising the detailed technical design and implementation, to preparing and executing the functional tests
  • Track and resolve risks, issues, and action items throughout project lifecycle.
  • Hire, train and deploy high potential local talent in the area of BI.

  • Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma or Professional Degree in computer science or equivalent qualifications.
  • Good communication in both English and Myanmar.
  • Strong communication skill and responsible.
  • Excellent numerical, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience working in ANSI SQL, MS SQL, Oracle SQL, Power BI, Python, Tableau