Our Team

We have well-diverse and dynamic team of professionals, who are expatriates, repatriates and locals. We are absolutely committed in making sure that our clients do get the best effort from us for recruitment and all of the other HR Services that we provide. The people who are working here come from many different backgrounds and industries, hence, we are able to assign the needs of our clients based on the expertise of our recruiters.

Just as important it is to expand our reach to the new clients, we always seek to develop our relationship with existing clients as well. This is because we understand that the world of business is ever changing and there is no fixed formula to find the right talents to get the job done. This is why we pay visits to our clients to find out about the challenges that they are facing in the labor market and the new projects that they are taking part in the future. We try our very best to be always well-prepared to serve.

We adhere to reflect fundamental values based on professional ethic, integrity, a high level of competence, objectivity and accuracy. We are committed to international standards and conduct our activities with respect for the public interest. Our contribution to Myanmar’s path forward is to support a quality workforce, and help it become the powerhouse in Asia that it once was.