Warehouse Manager (Trading Business)

[June 19, 2024 ]


Full Time


- Supervisor and Staff must be trained in Good Warehouse Practices and Product Knowledge to master the Warehouse Process.
- Warehouse Process, Delivery Process, and Logistics Department's business processes to achieve short-term and long-term business goals of the company group.
- Must be able to coordinate and coordinate the implementation of Inventory Control Processes.
- Objectives related to Logistics department to develop the work of each division.
- Must be able to establish and implement plans and policies.
- Must be able to use Warehouse Spacing effectively and properly manage Warehouse Layout to facilitate storage processes.
- Must be able to find and support a variety of trucks for the transportation of goods for ports and border warehouse on time.
- Must be able to take responsibility for finding new transportation gates and signing contracts in order to reduce and correct transportation costs.
- Must be able to coordinate and participate with relevant departments and SBUs regarding cargo transportation processes.
- Must be able to coordinate closely with the Inventory Control Division regarding daily car rental costs to ensure smooth payments and to list rental car usage contracts, data records, and daily vehicle usage details.
- Monitor and supervises warehouse operations systems by determining product handling and storage requirements, receiving & inspection process, equipment utilization, inventory management, building and facilities and safety and security.


- Bachelor’s degree holder (prefer any economic degree or diploma in logistics)
- Minimum of 5 years’ experience in warehouse management and inventory control.
- Age between 28 to 40 year.
- Should have sufficient knowledge in Fleet management system and goods transportation & Distribution practices.
- Basic understanding of supply chain and logistics concepts.
- Must be used Microsoft Office. (Word, Excel, Outlook, Microsoft Team)
- Able to work under pressure and good in communication skill and teamwork skill and strong in problem solving skill.
- Must be able to travel due to the nature of the business.

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