Business Manager (Online Teleconsultation & Pharmacy Platform)

[June 23, 2022 ]


Full Time


- Good leadership for the pharmaceutical team
- Manage complex directions coming from the top
- Ability to report to multiple bosses.
- Maximum time spent - talking to different stakeholders - 20 to 30% in learning
- Reports and meeting.
- Manual/ excel based processing. ODOO System implementation

Strategy Development
- Defines the overall strategy for the health platform based on the knowledge, consumer
insights and the facts;
- Keeps up to date with the key developments in the E-health space and where applicable
include this in the strategy. Identify and engage with an experts where required;
- (Co) Defines the technology/platform strategy
- Ensures the business has a sound economic model
- Defines the short and long term financials
- Sets key goals for the business
- Communicates the strategy convincingly to different stakeholders

Business Establishment
- Define the organizational structure, the roles required to deliver as per defined strategy.
- Adjust the structure and roles as per the business grows and matures;
- Define the legal structure and ensure compliance to relevant prevailing rules and regulation;
- Set the priorities to deliver the agreed goals
- Defines the high level commercial plans including:
- Offer and target customer groups
- Pricing
- Go to market strategy
- Marketing tools
- Online and offline marketing campaigns
- Commercial partners
- Defines the high level operational plans including:
- Customer service model
- Technology strategy
- Logistics model
- Operational partners
- Develop and monitor metrics, and provide weekly channel reporting to management

Culture and Team Management
- Ensures the recruitment of key staff is on-track
- Establishes the right business culture
- Ensure team is committed and enthusiastic to deliver the business goals


- 5+ years of experience as commercial manager in a commercial environment
- Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or relevant field.
- Hands on experience with business analysis
- Previous Profit & Loss accountability
- Excellent communication negotiation skills
- Decision making capability

- Able to get people onboard with the strategy/ business
- Entrepreneurial mindset
- Intellectually curious
- Has drive and willing to go the extra mile

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