Chief Business Officer

[February 15, 2023 ]


Full Time


- Provide key inputs to develop long term, midterm and short terms goals of the organizations.
- Establish business development strategies to ensure alignment with overall organization strategies.
- Define market segmentation strategies and prioritize industries and/or sub-segments for organization grow and development
- Define strategic opportunities for the organization to develop
- Maintain relationship with clients to enhance the value of services provided.
- Establish frameworks for response to client queries relating to credit, deposits, products and operational issues
- Articulate to team members detail surrounding due diligence and compliance requirements for commercial clients in alignment with internal and external requirements
- Anticipate client business needs due to in-depth knowledge of the industry and/or sub-segment to deliver tailored advice, ideas and solution
- Lead the team in determining strategies to increase cross-selling of products and services to help achieve clients’ financial objectives
- Prioritize opportunities for the team members to pursue continual education and initiatives to maintain deep industry knowledge to understand changes in macroeconomic and industry trends.
- Oversee credit analysis reviews for team members as part of annual reviews.
- Establish organization standards for credit proposals and review credit presentations.
- Set frameworks to monitor credit facilities to minimize operational, credit and fraud risks.
- Define loan evaluation criteria for the organization to monitor credit proactively
- Set activity and revenue targets for the team.
- Provide feedback, coaching and mentoring for team members
- Attract and retain talent to strengthen the capabilities of the team
- Provide guidance to teams to improve the depth of knowledge in credit and non-credit business
- Ensure team members are trained and in compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements
- Formulate targets and key performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with business development strategies
- Drive collaboration with internal stakeholders to develop implementation plans for adapting existing products for new business opportunities
- Lead collaboration with internal stakeholders to identify opportunities for portfolio enhancement
- Develop banking products and services offerings in order to meet market demands, identify cross-selling opportunities and improve revenues streams
- Formalize new business agreements with identified partners, suppliers and vendors
- Endorse events and other promotional methods to promote products and services


- Master Degree in Business/ Banking & Finance
- Minimum 10 years’ experience in Banking Business with at least 5 years in a senior role in operations management within Bank
- Experience in developing new banking product, services and partnership
- Knowledge of banking process, procedures and policies
- Understand of CBM regulations and compliance
- Detailed understanding of credit risk and financial analysis.
- Understand of treasury and trade finance.
- Excellent leadership skills and team players

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