Chief Operating Officer

[September 18, 2023 ]

5,000,000 MMK

Full Time


**Achieve Business Performance by ensuring service excellence and operational efficiency.**

- Leading the Operations-Related Departments of the bank, the COO is required to achieve targeted business performance by ensuring service excellence.
- Overseeing the daily operations of Domestic Banking, International Banking, Corporate Banking, Marketing and Administrative functions to continuously improve operational efficiency.
- Maintain good customer relationship with Corporate Customers and ensure their business needs for banking services are fulfilled within the regulatory framework.

**Compliance and Internal Control**

While performing his/her duties and responsibilities in Banking operations, the COO has to
- Ensure the regulatory compliance of applicable laws and regulations of the Government of Myanmar and the Central Bank of Myanmar
- Ensure all the operational functions are in accordance with the internal control policies and procedures of the Bank.
- Coordinate closely with CCRO and Risk Management and Compliance Officer to ensure that the operational functions of the bank are in line with updated directives and regulations guided by the Central Bank of Myanmar.

**New Product Development**

While providing the existing banking products and services to customers, the COO is required to;
- Coordinate with and contribute to Business & Strategy Development Team and other relevant departments for new product development.
- Coordinate with and contribute to Research Team for planning and implementation of research projects such as Market research, product research and competitor analysis.

**Marketing and Branding**

The COO is responsible to lead the marketing team and perform the following;
- Develop the marketing and branding strategy and annual marketing plan of the Bank and proposed to BOD through CEO for the approval.
- Execute the annual Marketing plan to increase market share and brand values.

**People Management**
- Provide clear directions on strategic goals of the bank, translating and prioritizing them into business and performance measures.
- Lead, inspire and coach the team to achieve excellent business results through continuous people development and mentoring activities
- Coordinate with Chief People Officer to ensure the development of a high-performing team through embedding formal performance management and development programme and coaching operations management team on how to conduct the process effectively
- Coordinate with Chief People Officer to identify the training and development needs for all levels of operations staff and ensure that the required training programme are budgeted and executed

**Property and Facility Management**

To ensure the smooth functionality of the banking services, the COO is responsible for the following
- Ensure the proper infrastructure (building, systems and facilities) is properly maintained and developed for the bank
- Accountable for planning and opening of new branches in terms of expansion of the business and business plan

**Financial Responsibility**

The COO is responsible for the following financial responsibilities;
- Coordinate with CFO for Annual Budgeting of the Bank
- Responsible for annual budgeting of the Operations Division, monitoring the budget performance and control the over/under budget variance to ensure the effective utilisation of the budget and re-appropriate the budget if and when necessary
- Responsible to achieve annual targeted income

**Leadership Role**

Since the COO position is one of the leadership positions of the Bank, he/she is responsible for the following;
- Support CEO in Strategic Business Planning and execution in coordination with other Division Heads and participate in Management Committee, Support CEO and contribute towards corporate business decision-making
- Participate in and contribute to the Steering Committee and other Board Committees of the Bank for driving the Business Direction and achieving its business goals.
- Perform any other relevant duties assigned by CEO and Board committees.


**Education and training:**

- Has a bachelor’s or master’s degree, ideally in banking, finance, accounting, business administration or economics from an accredited university in Myanmar or abroad or relevant professional certification and training, or
- If the candidate is currently a COO in another financial institution, the person must have direct and hands-on experience in banking operations and procedures, auditing, risk management, compliance management, credit and lending experience, banking or accounting.


- 7 to 10 years of progressive management experience in financial institutions and at least 5 years at an executive level;
- A strong background in banking, management and employee management;
- At least 3 to 5 years of experience in various phases of bank operations.

**Knowledge, skills and abilities:**

- Familiarity with relevant operating systems of a bank;
- Working knowledge of bank computer systems, analysis, policies and operating procedures;
- Technical knowledge of bank operations in one or more operational areas, such as retail banking, mortgage processing or branch operations;
- Sound knowledge of all operational requirements with regard to the administration, compliance, risk, finance and legal functions of a bank;
- Understanding on applicable laws including Myanmar Financial Institutions Law, regulations, directives, instructions and guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Myanmar;
- Excellent management and organizational skills;
- Excellent technical and analytical problem-solving abilities;
- Ability to develop and build skills of officers and employee of the bank;
- High ethical standards and integrity in both the personal and professional dealings;
- Excellent written, verbal and communication skills.

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