Content Planning Manager

[October 10, 2023 ]


Full Time


• Through long-term consumer insights and social cultural research in Myanmar, Set up a deep understanding of consumer preferences for content;
• According to product promotion requirements, including delivery time and delivery quality requirements, complete the production of related video and graphic content on time. Such as KV, TVC, Poster and so on;
• Improve the professional ability, team atmosphere and personal ability of PR team members, and maintain the stability of the team;
• To be more proactive and creative in developing other brand content based on the need to increase brand preference;
• Regularly analyze media channels and competitive content, and produce analysis reports;
• Other matters assigned by the leader


• Any bachelor's degree
• 3+ years' experience in content production
• Be familiar with all the processes of video and graphy shooting
• Language skills certificate is preferred.
• Have very keen insight ability;
• With simple shooting operation ability;

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