Data Engineer

[November 4, 2022 ]


Full Time


Company: Foreign Microfinance Company
Location: Hlaing Township

- Work closely with Chief Quality Officer, Data Analyst, IT
- Analyze and organize raw data that align with business requirements.
- Build data systems, and algorithms to transform data into useful, actionable information.
- Build, test, and maintain database pipeline architecture.
- Interpret trends and patterns of the data structures.
- Combine raw information from different sources into the data warehouse.
- Identify opportunities to integrate new data sources into the data warehouse.
- Collaborate with data analysts on projects.
- Collaborate with management to understand business objectives and how data can assist in the decision-making process.
- Explore ways to enhance data quality and reliability while applying various data validation methods and tools to ensure data integrity.


- Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT or similar field; or related experience at other company
- Previous experience as a data engineer or in similar roles
- Knowledge of different programming languages (e.g. SQL, Python, and R)
- Data engineering certification (e.g. IBM Certified Data Engineer) is a plus
- Great numerical and analytical skills
- Hands-on experience with SQL database design
- Understand different cloud storage (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
- Data security protocols and processes
- Knowledge of different big data tools (e.g. Hadoop, MongoDB, Kafka, etc.)
- In Depth knowledge of ETL systems

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