Database Administrator

[February 6, 2024 ]


Full Time


• Participates in a new database's initial installation and configuration. The ongoing maintenance is handled by the DBA when patches and upgrades are needed.
• Manage and organize database-related tasks to assist with application development initiatives.
•Creation and Improvement of Reports employing Tableau, Power BI, and SSRS, among other reporting tools
• Based on industry best practices, DBAs develop backup and recovery plans and procedures and ensure that the required actions are taken.
•A DBA's ongoing system maintenance includes keeping an eye out for performance problems.
• Diagnoses and fixes issues with databases, software, and development tools.
• Offer technical and functional support to guarantee database systems' functionality, stability, and performance.
• In case there are any issues, DBAs are available for troubleshooting. When an issue arises, a DBA must act fast to comprehend it and fix it.
• Create documentation outlining all policies and procedures for databases.
• Consistently offer business users high-level support.
• Support the installation, testing, and validation of software and data systems.
• Analyze data in critical problem areas to support root cause analysis.
• Provides support for impact analyses of any modifications made to database objects.
• Conduct routine data audits to guarantee data quality and integrity.


• Minimum 5 years’ experience with MS SQL Database.
• Hands-on Experience in Database backup, recovery, security, integrity, server management and performance report.
• Good knowledge about writing database queries, database Procedures.
• Possess a sound understanding of the business and communication skills with management, development teams, vendors, systems administrators, and other related service providers.
• Problem solving skills and ability for systematic and critical thinking
• Good interpersonal and communication skill

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