Director of Sales

[May 5, 2022 ]


Full Time


- Strategically launch and introduce a new product, services to the customer (both existing and new)
- Manage and motivate a sales team towards achieving the targets and objectives.
- Develop a high-performance team with strong consultative & solutions abilities, good communications & interpersonal skills, and positive morale & team spirit.
- Investigating and resolving customer problems such as those concerning deliveries and other related issues.
- Receive and answer calls from the customers or partner service units in relation to the customers' requests or questions
- Answer the customers’ questions and ensure their problems are resolved; conduct follow-up tasks
- Ensure that clients know to use the services and provide assistance if necessary
- Work closely with the other departments to align the company's sales, marketing, product & support strategies.
- Prepare and make a report on market analysis, competitor analysis, and market trends to Managements
- Negotiating all contracts with prospective customers and partners.

Business :
- Develop business plans and market intelligence to sustain ongoing business growth
- Develop new business by identifying potential customers and penetrate into new markets in Myanmar
- Present and articulate proposals to customers for products and services.
- Gather market intelligence data.
- Achieve and maintain customer satisfaction in pursuit of business targets.
- Working closely with customers and leading a team to achieve business goals for products under the responsibility
- Developing and maintaining good relations with new and existing customers
- Monitor industry trends and competitor landscape by gathering current marketplace information on pricing, products, marketing strategies, etc.

Product :
- Responsible for pricing strategy of both existing and new products
- Reconciliation of the product life cycle including profit and loss management and inventory control.
- Providing ongoing operations support to build clients’ confidence in the company and create strong relationships
- Developing and maintaining good relations with new and existing customers
- Deliver exceptional customer service and resolve customer complaints by investigating problems, developing solutions and preparing reports to related team.


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