English Subject Teacher

[September 13, 2023 ]


Full Time


- Follow school Timetable, Agenda, and Calendar.
- Attending Work, Meetings, Activities, PTA, PDD and School Events.
- Maintaining systemic curriculum and deliver to the class, individual or small group.
- Adequately prepare for class in advance, and prepare Lesson Plan, PowerPoint etc.
- Submit Lesson Plan, PowerPoint, Syllabus and any assigned works.
- Conduct class according to lesson plan with corrected class language.
- Deliver interactive, creative, fun and dynamic class atmosphere.
- Inspire, motivate, encourage and support students consistently.
- Classroom order and environment maintenance.
- Create, conduct, update, record, and report the assessment, quiz, test and exam.
- Observing students and teaching demonstrations.
- Negotiate working timetable with colleagues and supervisor.
- Collaborate with colleagues and supervisors
- Substituted Teaching.
- Accept corrections and make change accordingly.
- Improvement minded and teamwork.
- Flexible working adjustment.
- Decoration set up followed by scheduled lesson or school event.
- Complying Rules & Regulations.
- Behaving a role model and maintaining professional image.


- Specialize in English filed.
- Fluent in English and Myanmar.
- Critical and creative thinking.
- Have experience on Myanmar subject (1 year above).
- Well-known on using Zoom, Microsoft Office applications, email and internet.
- Adaptable new teaching system able to handle 20 students in a class.
- University graduated already. (Degree)
- Had teaching certificates (TKT, TESOL, ECCD…etc.)

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