Head of Business

[September 23, 2022 ]


Full Time


Looking after multiple Business departments overseeing Business Development as a Division, influencing mission, vision, and values by supporting the long-term strategic importance that impact the entire organization across all dimensions while using their extensive management knowledge required.
- Be responsible for developing and implementing a Business Development strategy while growing the bank’s business across all customer segments including continuous enhancement of the breadth and depth of product lines to achieve and sustain competitive positioning in the target market segments as well as effective account relationship management resulting in optimization of customer satisfaction, retention and market share through selling multiple solutions (cross-selling) from the entire Bank’s product range to facilitate achievement of related short and long-term business goals in the most effective and efficient manner and researching banking trends, develop strategy or new sales opportunities
- Participate in and oversees the development, implementation, and maintenance of the responsible department’s project objectives and short- and long-range plans by establishing business and technology solutions to meet individual and organizational needs.
- Develop, recommend and establish policies, strategies, and operating objectives consistent with those of the organization to ensure efficient and effective implementation of major projects and/or projects tied to strategic priorities.
- Develop tracking and evaluation programs to assist in the accomplishment of established organizational goals and objectives in collaboration with executive team.
- Maintain currency of knowledge with respect to the company’s strategic directions and plans, and relevant state-of-the-art systems and technology.
- Manage the development and implementation of market best practices across all activities / operations comprising the business development activities to promote efficiencies in work processes, ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfactions.
- Manage and oversee the process of enhancing the corporate customer service quality and promote new corporate customers in line with the targets.
- Understand the changes in business needs; assess the business impact of change required, bring together, analyze and document the requirements; support the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant stakeholders.
- Manage, track & monitor on operational processes, staff efficiency, and providing recommendation for process improvements and controls.
- Establish and communicate department goals and objectives, set team and department KPIs by directing, training and motivating the department members to perform consistently high standard in a team environment.
- Execute other duties and projects as are reasonably required of your job, in order to maintain, promote, develop and expand the bank and its interests.


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