Head of Credit

[July 29, 2022 ]


Full Time


The role holder is also responsible for supporting the bank’s strategies and initiatives to provide an effective and engaging digital customer on boarding experience, expand the agent and merchant networks, and drive the usage of mobile and digital applications, in order to achieve economic and social development in Myanmar through nation-wide financial inclusion

- Leads the development of relevant policies and processes and provides all necessary support to the GMs and other Heads to facilitate and drive company's strategy of achieving nation-wide financial inclusion
- To develop and implement a set of robust credit policies by building on the existing credit policies.
- To develop as a sub-set of the credit policies a set of credit underwriting standards which can be a useful desk-top reference for the Relationship Managers.
- To develop a credit manual to the Relationship Managers on the comprehensive credit analysis framework.
- To develop appropriate scoring and rating tools for the key customer segments which currently do not have such tools.
- To implement a post-approval review by an independent unit in the Bank.
- To plan and implement a process for the timely annual review or periodic or ad hoc review as the case may be, of credit facilities extended to the Bank's customers.
- To develop and implement a process for the monitoring and tracking of all credit facilities extended to the Bank's customers to detect early warning signals.
- To implement a process following the detection of early warning signals whereby the Relationship Managers are assisted to pursue the affected borrowers to address the problems early.
- To develop and implement a process in collaboration with Credit Administration for monitoring, tracking and compliance all covenants in the terms sheets of borrowing customers.
- To develop and implement a process for portfolio management to inform and facilitate the departments in growing their assets in accordance with the laws and regulatory requirements of the country and the Bank's established credit policies.
- To undertake reviews from time to time of all processes within the ambit of the Credit Function with the view to improving/strengthening the processes in tandem with changes in the operating environment in the markets and within the Bank.


- At least 5-7 years working experience in lending and credit analysis, credit monitoring and portfolio management.
- Bachelor Degree in Economics, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Statistics or Commerce
- Good communication skill for both verbal and written.
- Understand the knowledge and practice of banking’s credit operation and other related regulations of CBM
- Be able to work independently as well as working as team
- Sense of responsibility and high compliance

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