Head of Program

[July 10, 2023 ]


Full Time


- Lead an academic team to improve the Academic performance of pre-school.
- Make sure all academic programs are systematically in placed.
- Hire, train, and evaluate preschool and daycare staff and educators
- Develop learning programs that will be executed and work with teachers to form curriculums and lesson plans
- Work with students and parents to create a positive learning environment and help to resolve behavioral or social issues
- Manage preschool and facility budgets.


- Bachelor's Degree in Education or Diploma in Montessori Education.
- Must have administrative/management experience as head of department or similar position
- Excellent planning and organization skills.
- Fluent in English 4skills
- The ability to multitask, keep calm under pressure, Patience and excellent observational, communication, and diagnostic skills.

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