Homeroom Teacher

[September 29, 2023 ]


Full Time


- Create and maintain a well-organized, welcoming, and inclusive classroom environment conducive to learning.
- Establish and enforce classroom rules and expectations to promote discipline and respect.
- Manage daily routines, including attendance, distribution of materials, and transitions between activities.
- Deliver high-quality instruction in accordance with the school's curriculum and educational standards.
- Plan and execute engaging lessons that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities.
- Assess student progress through various evaluation methods, such as quizzes, tests, and assignments.
- Provide additional support or challenge for students as needed to ensure their academic growth.
- Serve as the primary point of contact for students' academic and behavioral concerns.
- Offer guidance and counseling to students on academic and personal matters.
- Identify and address individual learning needs, learning disabilities, or social-emotional issues and collaborate with special education or counseling professionals when necessary.


- A bachelor's degree in education or a related field (teaching certification may be required).
- Strong knowledge of subject matter and teaching methods.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Patience, empathy, and the ability to build positive relationships with students and parents.
- Classroom management skills and the ability to handle various learning needs.
- Adherence to ethical and professional standards in education.

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