Junior Lab Technician

[April 30, 2024 ]

up to 500,000 MMK

Full Time


 Ensure daily lab equipment calibration before doing tests.
 Analyze the daily production sample as per the test plan, record preparation, and report on time.
 FP COA: preparation, filing, and reporting.
 FP and incoming ingredient waste disposal arrangements.
 Lab‐scale test analysis done as per request based on the test plan and reporting on time.
 New source ingredient sample analysis and reporting.
 Shelf‐life tests: perform as required, report, and maintain records.
 Control Lab and QC inventory movement stock.
 Assist on Inventory stock count.
 Inspection and reporting and maintaining record in accordance with SOP.
 Arrange for FP samples to be sent to the master lab as plan.
 Assist with quotation sourcing for Lab items.
 Assist with customer sample analysis as per the test plan in the absence of a PIC.
 Assist with MO label checking prior to production in the absence of a PIC.
 Assist with incoming ingredient inspection in the absence of a PIC.
 Records maintaining.


 B.Sc. or M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) / M.Sc. (Chemistry) / Biochemistry or other related degree
 Must have over 2 years experiences in related field
 Basic computer skills including Microsoft Office and Excel
 Analytical skill, knowledge and understanding of quality standards, guidelines like HACCP/ Food safety, ISO 9001, 22000, GMP+ and other industry standards and demonstrated compliant application of the quality standard requirements in practice.
 Basic knowledge in chemistry and laboratory techniques
 Ability in taking up challenges to prepare new SOP/protocols.

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