[September 30, 2022 ]


Full Time


Fostering a healthy learning environment for our students. To oversee the daily operation of the school and supervise the education staffs and to have comprehensive understanding of National Education System of Myanmar and UK Curriculum. To have comprehensive understanding of complexity of teaching and learning, to be qualified to work under pressure with the ability to make quick decisions while presenting excellent communication and organizational abilities as a principal.


Teaching & Learning
- Set learning goals for students and teachers based on national curriculum and UK.
- Develop the school’s vision of a quality curriculum
- Develop the school’s own program of studies
- Develop a learning – centered schedule
- Determine the nature and extent of curriculum integration
- Ensuring curriculum quality and applicability
- Integrating and aligning the curriculum and implementing the curriculum efficiently
- Regularly evaluating, enriching and upgrading the curriculum
- Research new resources and techniques to improve teaching
- Develop and maintain effective educational programs within the school and to promote the improvement of teaching and learning with the school.
- Suggest appropriate changes in and ensure adherence to approve policies, practices and procedures within the area of responsibility.
- Assist the teaching staff in the development, implementation, modifications, and selection of curriculum materials, and keep the management informed as to any modifications in or substitution of approved courses.

School Development
- Keep informed of current practices and techniques relating to school programs, teaching and administration by attending meetings and professional development conferences, and reading professional materials
- Organize school events and assemblies
- Continually endeavor to improve the operating effectiveness of the school
- Develop and support a high degree of student morale through curricular and extracurricular activities and services and co-ordinate the participation of all members of the teaching staff in the extracurricular program
- Oversee the entire operations of the school
- Present data from school performance to board members
- Make decisions on departments and funding options
- Explore ways to improve the efficiency of education and quality in the school

People & Teams
- Interview and hire professional, personnel per requirements.
- Be responsible for the preparation of timetable, class lists and schedules, and supervision schedules and be responsible for their functioning.
- Be responsible for the proper registration and transfer of students in the school and for the maintenance of up-to-date student cumulative records.
- Maintain or direct the maintenance of other records and files, and the preparation and submission of reports as required
- Establish appropriate procedures for the control of all school textbooks, materials, equipment, etc.
- Monitor and report on teacher performance
- Developing and leading school-based teams in the improvement of instructional and procedural practices.
- Design and lead professional development programs that meet the needs of staff and students
- Visible and supportive of all curricular and extra-curricular programs.
- Provides positive, collaborative and visionary leadership to staff, students and the community.

- Exceptional communication and presentation skills in oral presentation and in written communication.
- Effective communication and interpersonal skills with all constituencies.
- Successful experience involving others in solving problems and guiding them to accomplishment and manage conflict in a positive and professional manner.
- Encourage parents' involvement
- Effective communication with related department in the purpose of achieving the goal of the school.

Organizational Management and Administrative Skills
- Be responsible for the development and conduct of an orientation program for all teachers new to the staff.
- Promote the professional and academic growth of the staffs through staff meetings, in-service training and personal contact.
- Take an active role in the selection, planning, and implementation of professional development activities for the staff in cooperation with respective departments.
- Shall evaluate the effectiveness of each member of the staff in accordance with the establishment plan and shall forward written reports to the Management.
- Review and implement school policies
- Provide guidance and counseling to teachers
- Handle emergencies and school crises
- Manage school logistics and budgets
- Ensure a safe and clean environment for students (e.g., implementing hygiene rules)
- Oversee in the day-to-day management of the school, including the planning and overseeing of the daily classes’ timetable.

Student Control and Supervision
- Establish a climate in which students can develop self-discipline.
- To have disciplinary authority over each student while on school premises, while going to and from school, while riding on school buses and while taking part in authorized school activities.
- Be responsible for the provision of supervision of students and student activities in the school buildings, on school grounds, while loading or unloading from school buses, or involved in field trips or other student activities sponsored by the school.
- Work cooperatively with outside agencies such as Community Health Services, Children's Aid Society., etc
- Responsibility to refer to the health center, any child who appears to have a communicable disease or to be in need of attention for other health reasons.


- Master's degree in education administration
- Prior teaching experience followed by experience as a principal is a MUST
- School administrator license
- Strong understanding of laws and regulations affecting educational institutions
- Hands-on experience with MS Office and education management systems
- Working knowledge of financial budgeting and facilities management
- Strong affinity for teaching children and helping them succeed
- Passionate about the educational system
- Current experience, knowledge, and commitment to the needs of stakeholders.
- Comprehensive understanding of National Education System of Myanmar and UK Curriculum

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