Product Manager (UX)

[March 31, 2023 ]


Full Time


• Develop the product, narrative and translate it into Strategic product roadmap planning.
• Lead the overall UX design process including requirement definition, prototyping, testing and deployment to develop a best-in-class experience.
• Continual improve the product development lifecycle, ensuring transparency, accountability and predictability.
• Lead UX design and engage with the Development team.
• Drive data observations and test-learn-hypothesis to increase usage & engagement.
• Push product innovation.
• Create user stories, wireframes/mockups, overall UAT strategy and plan, conduct customer survey and A/B testing.
• Improve monetization via UI and algorithmic optimization.
• Develop data-driven and strategic analytic tracking across Oway’s mobile platforms.


• Mobile first mindset, commercial thinking and excellent execution track record
• Experience in mobile front-end design and development is a must.
• Ability to define and articulate strategy and influence and work with stakeholders.
• Proven ability to establish best practice models in Product, UX and content management.
• Extensive expertise regarding an iterative approach (build, test, deploy, measure, optimize, test, deploy, etc.)
• Strong visual design skills
• Proven track record in product management.
• Experience in building and managing small teams across products and UX on multiple device types and contexts (desktop, mobile, accessories).

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