Senior Middleware Administrator

[July 26, 2023 ]


Full Time


- Manage Middleware Products: Oversee and maintain Middleware products like WebLogic, JBoss, etc., ensuring their effective operation.
- Install and Upgrade Software: Handle the installation and upgrading of Middleware applications and components for system stability.
- Troubleshoot Issues: Diagnose and resolve Middleware-related problems promptly.
- Ensure Data Security: Implement security measures and conduct regular audits to safeguard sensitive data.
- Monitor Performance: Regularly track Middleware performance and optimize system efficiency.
- Maintain Documentation: Keep detailed records of configurations and procedures for consistency.
- Provide Technical Support: Offer expert advice to teams on complex integration and compatibility matters.
- Coordinate with Teams: Collaborate with different teams for seamless communication and problem-solving.
- Comply with Regulations: Enforce company policies and adhere to industry standards for data security.
- Experience in managing containers, such as Kubernetes, to optimize system performance and scalability.


- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent certifications or degree.
- A minimum of 5+ years of experience as a Middleware Administrator, demonstrating a strong understanding of Middleware technologies and their implementation.
- Proficiency in managing Core Banking System Middleware application services.
- In-depth knowledge of Middleware-based operations production procedures and performance monitoring.

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