Travel Agent Customer Service Staff

[September 13, 2023 ]


Full Time


• Conducting one-on-one counseling sessions with students to understand their interests, hobbies, strengths, and aspirations.
• Assessing students' academic abilities and helping them develop personalized educational plans.
• Providing information and guidance on various educational programs, courses, scholarships, and career options.
• Assisting students in the college application process, including advising on admission requirements, essay writing, and interview preparation.
• Collaborating with administrators, and parents to address students' academic and personal needs.
• Keeping abreast of the latest educational trends, industry developments, and scholarship opportunities.
• Maintaining accurate records of counseling sessions, student progress, and outcomes.
• Participating in professional development activities to enhance counseling skills and knowledge.


• Well-known experiences in travel customer service field.
• Provide introduction to students and parents for higher educational programs.
• Experiences in travel agency background.
• Fluent in English.
• Well-known in computer (Zoom, Microsoft Office, Google applications, Email. e.g.)
• Adaptable new working environment & system.
• Welling to cooperate with colleagues.
• Flexible & negotiable working timetable.
• Correction acceptance and open minded.
• Willing to learn new knowledge and improved minded personality.
• University graduated already (Degree).

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