Zoo Manager

[May 18, 2022 ]


Full Time


Supervisory level position responsible for supervising the feeding, general care and welfare of zoo animals,
grounds, equipment, maintenance and visitor safety. Plans, Coordinates and Supervises day to day operations of the Zoo including maintenance, visitor programs, services and fiscal administration.

Major Duties & Responsibilities
• Assume overall responsibility for the health and well-being of animals
• Facility and Park management including fleet management, landscaping and maintenance works, guest relations
• Manage the zoo's operational budget
• Assist sales and marketing department to drive sales through additional revenue streams
• Oversee the feeding, health and welfare of all animals as well as maintenance and cleanliness of animal enclosures and exhibits.
• Supervises, trains, and evaluates all zoo staff including curators, education staff, Zoo Keepers and coordinates with vets.
• Plan displays and exhibits
• Keep up to date with relevant legislation such as that relating to wildlife procedures
• Read and analyze reports written by zookeepers or park rangers
• Plan and manage animal conservation and research programs
• Give public talks on conservation issues
• Oversee the relationship between the zoo and local community
• Support management with the planning of future exhibits, facility improvements, and acquisition and management of animals


• Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Zoology, veterinary science or a related field.
• Minimum three (3) years of experience in zoo keeping and supervisory level work in wildlife parks/reserves/zoos/aquariums.
• Additional background in management and animal welfare is favorable.

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