Marketing and Communications Manager

[October 7, 2022 ]


Full Time


To understand Specific responsibility the school’s administration, and strategic development of all business relating to the marketing and promotion of the School in order to support and drive student recruitment at all levels, through targeted marketing initiatives and activities. To lead and with proficient skill in digital marketing, social media, and omnichannel marketing campaigns.


- To produce an Annual Marketing Plan including management of the Marketing Budget, which forms part of the School Development Plan.
- Developing effective marketing campaigns based on research into consumer buying habits and preferences.
- Coordinating with other departments such as finance, human resources or IT when developing advertisements that include prices or contact information for ordering products per requirement.
- Developing strategies to attract new customers and retain existing ones by identifying their needs and preferences and designing a plan to meet them.
- To work closely with the Head of Admin & Human Resources and Finance Department in order to monitor expenditure according to the Marketing Plan and Budget and to recommend changes which may be required from time to time to reflect on market conditions.
- To produce termly reports on activity and expenditure in order to monitor effective use of funds.
- To produce annual reports on competitors including fees,  numbers of students and academic provision.
- To ensure brand and corporate identity is used consistently throughout the School and  ensure brand guidelines are implemented and used appropriately.
- To build and liaise with local and national communication channels (both online and offline): for advertising opportunities.
- To initiate targeted campaigns for the School (as directed by the management)
- To lead the school digital efforts, including the school website, social media, digital marketing campaigns, school events, and collateral materials, with the effort to generate leads.
- To increase the effectiveness of lead generation, and to work side by side with the Academic Department to maximize the conversion rate, from lead through to enrollment.
- To make use of CRM to manage leads through the customer journey, ensuring awareness, interest.
- To maintain and nurture the parents through making them loyal and advocates of the school.
- To ensure the utilization of parent databases to recycle and recycle previous leads.
- To explore Sponsorship opportunities with local businesses.

- Write and manage the School's Recruitment Communication plan, students' recruitment and admission process.
- Managing communications spend and working with vendors and agencies to create and/ or localize communications and marketing activities and develop supporting assets
- Leading the planning and implementation of PR and initiatives related to the brand
- To Communicate and deal with parents and students along the customer journey.
- To lead the work on Parent Journey Mapping with the objective of maximizing Parent and Student Satisfaction and exceptional Customer Experience.
- To carry out parental surveys online/ offline to assess parent satisfaction, as required, recording outcomes and advising accordingly.
- Meet and follow up with prospective students and parents to complement entry requirements by counseling, discuss academic programs and financial aid opportunities, and conduct campus tours.
- Meet or exceed assigned targets of student enrollment.
- Monitor to follow up with prospects through phone, online communication channels.
- Evaluate and ensure applications of admissions standards are met.
- Assist with related duties as assigned by Management.


- Bachelor’s degree in any field of study
- At least 7 years' experience of Marketing and Communication Management
- Ability to understand comprehensively and lead to deliver essential information of the school and its products/ programs.
- Ability to have effective communication and gain a good impression on prospective students and their parents.
- Experience in planning, executing marketing and communications campaigns.
- Expertise in managing social media platforms.
- Experience in an educational or academic management environment would be preferable.
- Some evening and weekend work is required as well as travel for business.
- Ability to communicate clearly and fluently in English and Myanmar.

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